All My Favorite Things

Check out the links below to all of my favorite things. These are Amazon Affiliate links.

Pregnancy and C-Section Favs

The Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow
The Snoogle pregnancy pillow was SO great to have once my belly got bigger and I wanted some extra support when sleeping on my side. It also provides great support between knees to help back and hip pain when sleeping.

One A Day Prenatal Vitamins
I really liked these vitamins and had no issues with them. Some prenatal vitamins can cause nausea and upset stomach. I never had an issue with these! I also liked that they had everything in one capsule – others you have to take multiple vitamins to get all the nutrients recommended.

Always Underwear
These disposable underwear are great to have in the hospital and after. When recovering from C-section, I found these provided great bleeding backup. They also have a high waist to support C-Section wound healing. I brought a pack to the hospital and had a pack at home. One a day was usually enough as I would put a maxi pad inside as well.

To help keep things moving. I had heard with vaginal birth, bowel movement were rough. I had also heard with C-section, bowel movements could be tough. Regardless, I was planning on having a box of these in my hospital bag. After my C-section I would dissolve 1 packet in my morning water.

Stool Softeners
It’s not glamorous but I knew that I had enough to worry about with a new born! I didn’t want to worry about going to the bathroom. I took 2 of these in the morning with breakfast and 2 at night with dinner. They worked like a charm 🙂

Infant Favs

Similac Alimnetum
This formula was AMAZING for our son who was sensitive to dairy. It has lactose that is broken down so small that it is easy to digest for baby. The formula smells terrible but my son didn’t mind it

** This link is for a 4 pack of formula which is why it is so much $$

Mylicon Gas drops
These drops were great for my son when he had Colic. Babies cannot burp or pass gas on their own. These help the bubbles pass more easily. We would just put a dose in his bottle and that’s it!

Gerber Soothe Probiotic drops
Aside from changing formula, this was the next biggest game changer in improving our son’s Colic. Within a day of starting these, he was spitting up less and less gassy after feedings!

Sleeping Favs

Hatch Rest +
White Noise, clock, audio monitor, night light, time to rise toddler clock – This little device has it all! It syncs up to your phone so that you can control white noise and light from your phone. It was great to be able to turn on soft red light (which is the least stimulating to baby) for night feedings. Now that I have a toddler, he knows that it’s sleep time until the blue lights come on and the birds chirp. These are all timed settings I set up in the app.

Owlet Sleep Sock
This is by FAR my number one must have for babies! This is a little sock that attaches to baby’s foot. It measures their heart rate and oxygen levels. It provides great piece of mind for parents. We put our son in his own room at 3 months and this was the only reason why – I didn’t need to check to make sure everything was OK, the owlet did that for me!

Swaddle Me Swaddle
In the hospital, the nurses were able to do the best tight swaddle. My husband was great at the blanket swaddle, but I was never able to do it as tight. I found the swaddle me swaddle that has Velcro and made for a super tight swaddle. We loved this when my son was a young infant.

Halo Swaddle and Sleep Sack
Once my son reached about 3 months, the Swaddle Me swaddle didn’t cut it for us. We switched to the Halo Swaddle. Once our son started to show signs of rolling over, we swaddled one arm out, then swaddled 2 arms out, and then switched from the swaddle to the regular sleep sack.

Woolino Toddler sleep Sack
My son is now 2.5 years old. He is still in his crib and will be for another year or so. He moves a lot in his sleep so we want to keep him in a sleep sack as long as possible. Once he was too tall for XL Halo sleep sack, we switched him to Woolino sleep sack. This one is much longer and should fit him for the next year or so.

My son never really took to a pacifier, which I was OK with. I didn’t want to worry about having to break him of the habit. What he DID start doing is he would curl up and chew on the corner of his sleep sack. That meant a lot of sleep sack washing! To give him that comfort he wanted, we bought a 3 pack of Angel Made loveys. These worked great. We could send a couple to daycare for nap and have some here. They hold up great wash after wash!

Mesh Crib Liner
One night I woke up to my then 6 month old screaming. He had stuck his arm out through one of the crib slats in his sleep and could not pull it back in. After that night, I decided to get a breathable mesh crib liner to help avoid those situations. These ones are safe and breathable. As baby gets older and can stand and walk, they may try to use these to stand on to climb out of crib. Because of that, I removed these when my son was about 2 years old.

Wyze Camera
An inexpensive and amazing simple camera to use to keep an eye on baby. You can also group these cameras if you wanted to keep an eye on two kids’ rooms. At just $25 a camera, it does a fantastic job!

Diapering Favs

Pamper’s Swaddlers
These are our favorite diapers. They run up to size 6. We have used them since we brought our son home from the hospital. They have a nice dry weave liner on the inside which pulls moisture away from the skin. My son has very sensitive skin and gets diaper rash easily. These are great to help prevent that!

Sensitive Baby Wipes
Since my son had sensitive skin and got rashes easily, we opted for the sensitive baby wipes. Initially we use Pampers sensitive wipes. We also liked Water wipes but found the grapefruit extract that was added to them caused more pain on the diaper rash. I came across the amazon brand sensitive wipes and found the to work very well and be the most affordable.

Diaper Cream
My son is very prone to diaper rash and I have used a number of creams on him – some worked wonders and some didn’t work so well. 🙁 I have regular Baby Aquaphor which is basically just Vaseline. These are great for skin rashes on body, dry skin or other skin bumps and boo boos. We have tried Aquaphor Diaper Rash cream and it worked OK. I found that it was too slick and came off to easily. We eventually landed on Desitin Triple Strength and that has by far been the best for us!

Diaper Genie
There are a bunch of different diaper trash cans out there. I bought the Diaper Genie and have been really happy with it. It really contains the smelly diapers and is easy to use and change the bags.

Feeding Favs

Cloth Diapers
These are great burp rags or wipe up baby’s face rags. They are so soft and absorbent. They also wash so extremely well!

Snap Cloth bibs
I love these super soft cloth snap bibs for babies who spit up or drool. We used to joke that my son wore one so much it looked like he had a cape! 🙂


Sickness Favs

I never thought i would use such a thing before my son was born, but is works SO much better than anything out there to clear nasal congestion. It is not nearly as gross as it looks or sounds!

Nose Saline Spray
Great to loosen up nose congestion. I used this almost every time I used the NoseFrida.

Cold Calm
A natural homeopathic supplement that can help shorten the duration of colds. I found that it didn’t help much with nasal congestion but helped a lot with cough and general fussiness.

Cool Mist Humidifier
When my son was a baby, I had the humidifier made by Crane and I really liked it. I recently got the humidifier by FridaBaby because I can add essential oils to it.


Travel Favs


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